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My name is Jackson Jonah, aka Jackieriel. I am an innovative and self-motivated web developer, web dev. instructor, community manager, and the proud founder of Jackierielsoft, a tech education startup. With a solid foundation in web development and a deep passion for using technology to empower others, I’m dedicated to creating meaningful and impactful digital experiences. As an innovative web developer, I take delight in creating astonishing, functional websites/web apps. Drawing from my experience as an instructor, I derive immense satisfaction from sharing my knowledge through workshops and online courses, actively assisting aspiring developers in honing their skills. In my capacity as a community manager, I lead end-to-end community initiatives, ensuring timely engagement that seamlessly aligns with the highest quality standards. This holistic approach allows me to contribute not only to the technical landscape but also to the growth and cohesion of the developer community at large.